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Australia’s Leading Provider of Electronic Locking Solutions

The team at Mi-Lock have been providing world class ‘electronic locking systems’ for over 10 years.

Our range of fingerprint security products, digital door locks, face recognition time clocks and hotel door lock systems has been widely accepted by security professionals, accommodation venues and the general public all over Australia, NZ and Pacific region.

Quality products and service at an Affordable price

Hotel Lock Systems – Lock Management

Protection and Peace of Mind – for you and your guests

The Mi-Lock system gives you a high quality door lock system that has all the features to suit a 5 Star hotel but at a budget price.

The system is user friendly for your staff to use plus even easier for your guests.

It does not matter whether you are a large multi-national hotel or just have a small motel, we can provide you with a complete solution which will last for many years. Not to mention our service and support.

Fingerprint Security – Access Control

Enhance your Security – for Home or Business

In today’s world, a property cannot be safeguarded by simply using old fashioned lock and keys.

Security is a serious matter and securing your business or home is very important. Biometric (fingerprint) access control systems guarantee a persons identity and only allow authorised access when permitted.

Mi-Lock products have been used in many applications, especially in Child Care Centres where the children’s security comes first. [more]

Digital Technology – Digital Door Locks

Focusing on What Matters – Your Security

Have you ever locked yourself out of home or lost your keys?

Feeling safe in your home is of great importance. The affordability of digital locks means that this is no longer a luxury but a reality that can be afforded to home owners everywhere.

One of the best benefits you will experience from digital technology is convenience. You will not only have the convenience of no longer needing your keys, you will also have the convenience of not having the stress about losing your keys.

Digital locks provide ‘peace of mind’ that the lock that is securing your property will provide adequate security. A door’s security is only as good as the lock that holds it shut.

Face Recognition Time Clocks

Saving you the Cost and Time of manual data entry

These day’s, managing staff payrolls and benefits is a major element of any business – large or small.

Manual and semi-manual recording of staff work times make this task more laborious and prone to errors and abuse – all of which cost you money.

If you can save time and resources by fully automating the gathering and processing of staff work times, then that is more time and resources you have to devote to doing business.

Installing a face recognition ‘Time and Attendance’ system can be justified by savings in time, productivity (staff arriving on time) and money.


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