Are you playing Hide and Seek?

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Survey Reveals One in Four Australians Are Playing Hide and Seek with Potential Burglars

MELBOURNE, Australia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A national survey has revealed that a quarter of Australians are engaging in a high risk game of hide and seek with potential burglars by hiding spare keys in their backyards. Despite nearly half of house break-ins showing no forced signs of entry last year*, the hidden spare key strategy is still proving a popular choice for Australians. The survey, commissioned by Lockwood, revealed that the garden shed was the top choice for hiding a key, with the ‘under the rock’ strategy coming in second place. Other popular choices included under the doormat, by a garden gnome and on top of the doorframe. An alarming 10% of respondents admitted completely forgetting where they’d hidden their spare key – keeping both themselves and potential burglars guessing.

Three quarters of Australians have been locked out of their homes in the last two years, arguably providing reason for why so many Australians favor hiding a key nearby. Perhaps the state of undress at the time of being locked out provided an even more compelling reason to concealing a key, with more than 10% of respondents admitting being in pyjamas or just a towel at the time of the lock out. Men were also named as more likely than their female counterparts to be locked out naked. Windy weather was named as the main reason for being locked with doors slamming for 25% of respondents.

Nick Penny at Lockwood who commissioned the survey said; ‘It’s alarming how many Australians are taking such a security risk by hiding keys on their property. Is it that we don’t trust our neighbours any more to leave spares with them or rather that we’re all just relaxed about home security? The reality is that the average Australian home burglary costs the victims in excess of $5k so it’s not a risk to be taken lightly. A great solution to the house lock-out is to install a keyless lock. Technology has come a long way in recent years and we’ve seen a rise in sales by a third of touchpad keyless locks. For some, it’s a struggle to get their head around the idea of not having a physical key. In the not too distant future, however, the house key will be a thing of the past as keyless solutions become more mainstream.’

The survey also revealed that the average Australian spends more than 3 hours a year searching for keys. A surprising 82% of respondents also admitted that they carried at least one key on their key ring that they have no idea what it is for.



Conducted by independent survey company Pure Profile – May 2015 (1034 subjects)