Smarter door lock security

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Imagine a hotel where guests can check-in using their smart phone that in turn becomes their room key, preset with room number and duration of stay.

This sounds futuristic but it is not. There is a multitude of hotels world wide and in Australia that have already invested in this technology.

Radio frequency identification is an automatic identification technology whereby digital data encoded in an RFID card or “proxy tag” is transmitted by the card and captured by a reader) has been around for quite some time and this is the technology that needs to be in place to be able to introduce smart check-in technology.

Despite RFID (also called Mifare) being on the scene for so long, some accommodation providers are still using old magnetic stripe technology. However as soon as they are able, they are upgrading to the newer innovative and more current RFID technology.

RFID technology offers some of the most sophisticated and advanced hotel door locking systems. These systems are innovative, intelligent, and state-of-the-art and allow access and control for both staff and guests.

The benefits of these locks are;

  • contactless [smart chip] keycards have enclosed readers which eradicates the need to clean reader heads
  • lack of exposed moving parts means no wear and tear on lock components,
  • less maintenance and greater long term reliability

Contacting a respected and specialised industry supplier of this technology is completely essential if you are going to get the best advice on how to introduce this technology to your accommodation

Do this and you will proudly be able to take your accommodation facility into the next decade and you will no longer lag behind.