Electronic hotel locks can be very cost effective

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Why should you use an electronic hotel lock system at your hotel/motel/business?

Electronic locks are basically ‘standard’ issue’ for the accommodation industry.

When was the last time you actually got a physical door key in any hotel worldwide?

There are many reasons WHY you need to use a ‘hotel style’ door lock.

  1. Increased Security

You get better security for your rooms and guests when using an electronic lock verse a ‘turn key’ lock

Electronic locks offer a number of advantages however most people would view safety as being the most important.

2.  Better Management

With electronic key-cards, individuals can have access to a number of different areas by utilizing one card only.

Gone are the days where a person needs to carry a large key ring full of various keys for different rooms.

If a person does misplace an electronic key-card there’s no need to worry.

Within just a few minutes you’ll be able to deactivate the lost card and issue a new card with the same access rights.

3.  Cost Savings

There are many different ways that electronic key-cards can lower expenses.

One of the primary ways is that the key-cards can be replaced easily without needing to replace the lock or entire lock system if stolen or lost. Motel owners say that using a traditional key system is no hassle and offers no additional expense.

Why have the bother of calling a Locksmith to change your keys when all you could have done is reissue a new card – instantly.

No callout fee, no time wasted, less cost to the guest and happy people all round.

4.  Technology

Technology advantages can be offered that a turn-key simply cannot offer – access by mobile phone using Bluetooth. No longer will you have to wait up for late arriving guests – just issue them a ‘mobile key’.

Mobile keys can be managed remotely without any staff interaction, allowing you to free staff resources to other areas or minimise reception hours.

Most people think technology has no place in small operations and if it isn’t broken why replace it.

Sooner rather than later, you will have to replace your old key locks as customer demand will ask for it.

Do not wait until all the opposition places around you have it before you act – be the first and promote it.