The BioEntry-300 is a fingerprint reader that can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations.

It features a high quality sensor housed in a solid stainless steel metal casing.

In a commercial aspect, the device can be used for door access control or even on a turnstile. All access can be monitored and managed via software on your pc – connected together via your internal internet network via Cat5 cable. This device is the popular device of choice for Child Care Centres.

For your home or unit, the device only needs to operate in standalone mode – no external network connections needed. You simply register an admin enroll/delete card to directly program people onto the device. Then just swipe the card to start registering then follow the voice prompts. The device has output connections to allow connection to other security components such as your alarm system.

So you are not locked out, the BioEntry-300 can be connected to an external battery back up system. Exit from inside your house/office/factory can be from either a exit button or door handle (operating a latch).

Unlike other fingerprint security devices which keep the reader turned on all the time, the BioEntry-300 has an infrared sensor which only turns on when required. This helps with keeping any vandalism down as it does not attract attention.

Please consult your installer for more information about what exit requirements meet your building code.

For outdoor use the unit has a waterproof rating of IP65.

 Fingerprint capacity  1500 templates
 RFID cards  10,000
 User logs  30,000 transactions
 Comm ports  RS485, TCP/IP, USB
 Wiegand signal  Input and output
 Size  148[H] x 73[W] x 35[D] mm
 Water/dust rating  IP65
 Access interfaces  Exit button, door sensor, electric lock


Note: fingerprint scanning is successful for almost everyone, but not for 100% of the population.