Why choose an electronic digital lock?

Standalone electronic door locks do not rely on keys as the primary method of access.

The traditional use of the ‘lock and key’ is being replaced by electronic locking.

Why –

  1. they are more secure
  2. ease of use for everybody
  3. no ongoing costs and continual replacement of keys
  4. elimination of the risk of ‘key bumping’
  5. doors are locked automatically when closed


The digital lock of our choice is the E-Max2 – click the link to go to the product page E-Max2 page

It has been used successfully over many years in homes around Australia and also is a popular choice for accommodation houses.

Features include multiple codes, optional Mifare card access, mortise with deadbolt and an easy to use touch screen.

Locks also come with a override key incase something happens to your lock.


For the Home

Whether you are a home renovator or project home builder, a digital lock will not only enhance the value and appeal of your project but will make your life a lot easier.

Convenience is the key – be free to go for a jog, to the beach or even walk the dog all without having to carry door keys around with you. Worries of kids always losing keys and changing locks is now a thing of the past.

Plus you will not have the worry that someone has duplicated one of your keys illegally.



For your Bed & Breakfast

When running a Bed & Breakfast business, security has to be your number 1 priority (apart from the guests)

Giving out keys to a stranger is high risk, especially for them to copy it and come back later for ill deeds.

Again convenience is key – just give each guest their own pin code whilst staying with you and change it upon departure. Simple.

You can concentrate on running your business instead of worrying about your personal security.

Digital locks have been proven in this boutique  accommodation industry over many years.