Face Recognition Time Clock

Enjoy the benefits of using accurate face recognition to clock on/off your staff.

  1. It is reliable and easy to use by employees
  2. Works in both office and factory areas
  3. Harsh work environments like cold, chemical or trade are no problems as workers do not need to touch the device to clock on/off

Once a person is registered, all it takes is to stand within the ‘read’ zone and look at the device – done in about 1 second.

The device can be used in any sized business which needs to output timesheet data to an external payroll program like MYOB.

Installation is uncomplicated – just set the wall bracket, connect the device to your network or pc/switch via network cable and then plug into a power point. Ready to start setting up.

If using a biometric time clock for the first time, please read our article about how to implement a successful change over from your old time system.

Are you having issues with your current fingerprint time clock?

Face recognition does not require people to touch the device to work.

This gives a more hygienic workplace plus means less user error with finger placement. It also overcomes most harsh working environments where temperature and factory conditions make fingerprint use unreliable.

Do you need to export data into your payroll program?

BundyPlus™ Time & Attendance software has been enabled to work with our face recognition time clock and exports timesheets to your payroll software – MYOB, Wage Easy, Attache, Pronto and most popular payroll applications

Software functions include unlimited employees, simple clock in/out, automatic assign overtime and shift management.

Follow the link to learn more about BundyPlus™ software – BundyPlus

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Note: It is highly recommended that BundyPlus software is used with this device.  BundyPlus is designed and supported in Australia for local businesses.