Fingerprint Security, Convenience and Control.

Do you want the benefits of ‘true’ keyless entry?

Gain control over who enters your home or work place (and when) by using fingerprint security.


For the Home

Biometric Access Control devices are wall mounted, run on 12V power and activate an electric lock to release the door.
A push button release or lever handle can be installed inside the house to allow quick and simple exit.
An Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) can also be installed to ensure your security is not compromised in the event of mains power failure.

If needed, your chosen device can be connected to an alarm panel to turn off on successful fingerprint authorisation.

Operation is easily controlled directly on the device with no extra connections needed.

The option of RFID or pin code entry is available depending on your selected product.

For the Business / Work place

Fingerprint security allows you to control when your staff can enter your premises.

These products (wall mounted readers) can be installed indoor or outdoors as they have a waterproof rating of IP65.

Operation can be maximised by using Access Control software which is installed on your pc.

Devices are connected to your office network by Cat5 network cable to enable quick and instant device changes, whether it be adding or deleting staff, changing entry time zones or even transferring a staff member from one device to another in a different location. Audit trail logs are also downloadable for entry data as required.

Child Care Centres

The most common business application in using fingerprint security is for Child Care Centres.

It provides positive security for who can enter the building and is much more secure than a pin code keypad.

View our Child Care Centre page or download a brochure for more information on how our system can benefit you.



Fingerprint Products

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