Do you want a new hotel door lock system that gives you room security, convenience and control at an unbelievable price?

The Mi-Lock system offers stainless steel electronic card locks with user friendly software. Priced below any other comparable system but with the same reliability of the big brands.

This system is ideal for new buildings or upgrades for any accommodation venue. Replace your old room keys with guest friendly electronic cards.

Our door locks use contactless mifare card technology to ensure a longer life for both cards and locks. Cards are programmed to allow access to guest rooms, common areas, garages plus allocated zones for each staff member. This gives you total security over your venue.

Cards are also custom printed for each venue on both sides as part of your initial system order. This can include any logo, photo, map or any other artwork you like. Cards for each venue are encrypted so that they only work with your software and venue.

Optional extras like the Energy Saver can be included. If you are building a new complex they are highly recommended. The Guest’s card is inserted into the device to engage power to selected lights and appliances and cuts that power when the card is removed. In some cases, up to 35% of room power costs can be saved!

Our industry low prices, bundled with all the possible saving and benefits will give you happy guests plus meet your bottom line (ROI) keeping your Accountant happy.


 Preferred Supplier Status

Mi-Lock is the supplier of choice for hotel door locks for both the Golden Chain and Arra Accommodation Group (Budget Motels, Orbit Inns & Paragon Hotels)




Types of door locks available

Depending on your needs, the Mi-Lock hotel door lock range is available in optional formats:

  1. Standard mifare card – locks operate on issued cards only
  2. Mifare with Mobile Key – guests can use cards or mobile phone to access rooms
  3. Live Networking – live tracking of each lock operation via your internal internet network. Monitor staff/guest movements in real time. Guests can open their room via card or Mobile Key
Models of Door Locks

Click on the lock picture for more information.

“B” Series
“S” Series
Split Series











Wall Reader

Sometimes you will need to control a door that has an electric lock on it – like a glass foyer door.

Maybe you need to control a gate or garage door. The solution is to use a wall reader.

This works exactly the same as the door locks, except it is powered by 12v power, not batteries.

Lock Management Accessories

To enable your hotel lock system to work seamlessly together, you need the correct tools.

These include card encoders, software, mifare cards, energy savers and portable lock programming devices.

More information can be found on this page – Lock Management Accessories

How does the mobile key work?

Mobile key or Bluetooth (BLE) allows a guest to open their room door using their smart phone, instead of a card.

Once a guest arrives at your property, you can then check them in and issue an digital key via your lock management software. This is then uploaded to the mobile key App server for download by the customer – guest must first download the app before use. They then login to the App using their phone number and download their room key.

With Bluetooth enabled on their phone and the App active, the lock will read the time/date/room number from the phone – if it all matches then the door will open.

A guest could be issued a mobile key if they were arriving late and reception was closed. (App must be downloaded prior to arrival)



Lock Ordering Diagram

When ordering your hotel locks, it is important to note which way your door swings. Since our locks use an ANSI type mortise, they are manufactured in either left hand or right hand design.

Please view the picture below to work out what type of lock you shall require.