The MiLock system requires various components for everything to work smoothly

  1. Software

  2. Card Encoder

  3. LMA – hand held reader

  4. Energy savers – optional accessory

  5. Mifare cards – encrypted for your business only

  6. Elevator controller – limits use to guests/staff only (as required option only)


Lock Management Software:

Easy-to-use Microsoft Windows based software with the following key features:

  • Card management via single or multiple stations

  • Can be used standalone or integrate with existing PMS software [Micros-Fidelio certified]

  • Easily show which rooms are available. Once a card is issued for a room that room’s colour will change and be shown as “not available”

  • Ability to issue staff cards by hotel, building, floor or room. These cards can be time limited per day (e.g. cleaner only has access between 9:30am and 2.00pm)

  • Limit operator software access as required

  • Cards are easily programmed by Encoder (USB PC connected)

  • Software works with hand held LMA for easy lock management


Card Encoder:
  • USB connection for easy pc connection

  • Used to program all system cards – staff and guest

  • Encrypted with your software code

  • One encoder per pc terminal as required

Hand Held Reader (LMA):
  • Supports up to 500 locks

  • Use to quickly initialise locks without using “setting and time” cards

  • Modify room numbers and time as required

  • Can collect data from 10 rooms at a time

  • Powered by 4 AA batteries

  • Data is wireless signal to locks and USB connection to your pc

  • Can read and verify all other cards used in your system including admin cards

Energy Savers

These are wall mounted near the front door and are designed to cut off the power supply for some or all electrical outlets within a room. The device is a switch which turns power on when a card (from your venue) is placed into the holder, and turns power off when the card is removed.

For more detailed information please look at our Energy Saver page

Mifare Cards

All of our locks operate on contactless card technology. This means there is no wear an tear from inserting cards into slots like older style IC card locks. Mifare cards work by storing encrypted data into the memory chip built into the card (similar to a smart card).

Printing is available as standard on all lock orders – this includes full colour on the front with your logo/artwork. Minimum order quantity does apply for free card printing.


Elevator Controller

When operating a multi-level building, you do not want just anyone off the street accessing your lifts.

By using the ‘elevator controller’ you can limit operation of the lift to staff and guests only.

The system works by connecting into the lift’s control board to limit use until a valid card is presented to the connected reader. Once a valid card is verified, the person can then select which floor they want to access. Operation is then as per normal lift procedures. Each module can control up to 16 floors, with expansion modules available of 16 floors each up to a maximum of 48 floors.