The Energy Saving Switch – helping to cut your power bill

Now more than ever, energy saving plays a major role in the design and construction of any new building


The Energy Saver Unit or ESU is a small switch on the wall. It is designed to cut off the electricity supply to some or all of the electrical outlets in the room. You can therefore choose which electrical outlets you wish to connect to the switch.

When the room or area is not being used it helps to save power and lower your utility bill. Contrary to beliefs you cannot use any card to activate the unit. Only cards issued by each individual hotel software for that venue will operate the unit.

When your card is inserted into the ESU, it automatically starts up the power in the room, or whichever power source is connected to it – lighting, air conditioning, power outlets for the television etc. When the card holder draws out the card when leaving the room, power is automatically cut off after a set amount of time (15 seconds).

There are two different types of Energy Savers

  1. Single line input/output
  2. Single line/multiple line output

The standard ESU can be used where new or existing power cabling has a single line feed input.



The advanced model allows for multiple outputs so items like the power, air conditioning units and other related items can be connected separately on their own relay. Output relays of different amperage are available. Please download the brochure below for more information on wiring configurations and options.

      Master unit PLUS Wall reader